The absolute pefect day!

A perfect day for me would be


  • waking up early in the morning
  • going to the gym
  • having a healthy breakfast
  • attending the classes
  • studying a bit
  • and then spending some good time with my friends or going out.
  • And also doing something relaxing and productive, maybe answering on quora, reading a good book, writing an article or painting something!

Did I forget anything? Yeah, an 8 hour sleep!

Spending my day doing these while I manage to be energetic and happy all day, would be the most productive day I will ever have had! As much as I would love it, it just sounds impossible to me. Or maybe I need to learn time management.

If I think about my normal, not so perfect life, I try doing all these things. But sometimes the sun isn’t as bright as this picture shows. Sometimes it is hiding behind the cloud. And getting up and going to the gym doesn’t feel important.pexels-photo-325520

Sometimes, I get out of fruits and healthy stuff and the trip to the supermarket just cannot happen. I get so interested in reading a book or painting something that my mind just refuses to stop this and study. When I am with my friends, I don’t even know how the time passes by.

Though you may call them excuses, some ingredients of making my perfect day are always missing. But I do have some or most of these everyday. Sometimes in a day I study as much as I usually do in three four days. And sometimes I spend the whole day out with my friends.

But anyhow, the absolute perfect day doesn’t really exist in my life. Or is it a perfect day when I go back to bed replaying some moments from the day and smiling?

What does your perfect day sound like? I would love to hear your thoughts about this!




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