What is high noon journal?

High Noon means – the most advanced, flourishing, or creative stage or period; according to the Merriam Webster. What age other than our dear twenties can be called so? High noon journal is a record of the journey of a twenty year old through this decade. 

I’m sure most of us have had a lot of plans for this stage of life. As kids, always wanted to be of this age. We thought twenty somethings (people) have all the freedom, no one bothers them to do their homework or eat the vegetables. We felt that after we start earning, life will become easy.

Did we, as kids, ever think about the problems that we face now? We have a number of issues to deal with. Those are uncertainty about our chosen path, relationship issues, confidence and self esteem issues, not being in proper shape and a number of other things. We never thought these problems even existed as kids.

All the dreams and goals that we have had, they start feeling unrealistic. We start doubting our worth or we just don’t know how to achieve them. Haven’t we heard that the journey is more beautiful than the destination. It may or may not be true. But until we reach our destination, we surely can enjoy the journey!

High noon journal is simply about everything related to our twenties. It is about the perception, inside of the mind of a twenty something. 

That twenty something person is Me- Riya.

I turned twenty (in 2017) and started this decade of my life with excitement and this blog. Read how and when I started this blog here.

There are a lot of reasons that I started this blog. The number one reason would be because I want to record my journey. Like all of us, I too have had lots of goals (Read Entering the 20’s: Goals of a twenty something!). They kept on changing as I grew up. One thing I’ve decided for sure is that no matter what result I get- I’m going to try everything to achieve my goals. So when I look back at this journal, I would be able to see how much I’ve changed- for the better or not. I would be able to see what mistakes I made.

The second reason is because I like writing. And that’s a good reason for me. Many people don’t invest in their hobbies as life gets busier. I hope that doesn’t happen to me.

A little more about me

I come from a small city in India (Nagpur, Maharashtra). Currently I’m living in Beijing, China for studying MBBS. Life is pretty good here but very different from what I had in India. I miss a lot of things about India but having lived here for two years already I’m pretty much used to this lifestyle.


That’s me at the Great Wall of China, Beijing.

I have been an introvert for most part of my life. Apart from writing, my idea of spending a good time would be just sitting down and talking with friends, painting, sketching, reading a good book and traveling.

I love traveling. I’ve traveled and explored most parts of India with my family. After coming here, I traveled to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m looking forward to travel more. Here are some pictures-

Hope you have a good time reading this blog!