Welcome to my blog!

Here’s a quick guide to what you can find on my blog.

With your Coffee:

Now this section is for stories and poems that you can enjoy with your coffee during leisure breaks. It’s not something new but I write fewer stories and poems so I thought why not group them under “Things to read for Leisure with your Coffee”. Hence, ‘with your coffee’ is what you see on the Menu.

Inside a thoughtful Mind:

What is a mind if does not think?
In this section, you’ll find articles, the topics of which I must have noted down during a deep conversation with someone, during a walk or a metro ride.
Musings are what you’ll read here.

College Diaries:

This is a newly planted bush. Something which was missing from my old blog. When I thought about this, I was amazed at how many things can I share in this one and yet it was missing!
You’re up for a lot of good things if you are a college student like me!

The better you:

Wherever and whoever you are right now, the better version of you always exists. And me, who still has lots and lots to learn and very less to teach; won’t teach you anything.
What I’ll do is motivate you to be that better version, share whatever I’ve learned and whatever I find inspiring.
Together we can! 😀

Letters to someone:

Again a newly planted bush.
Let me give you two examples which you might get to read on my blog-
1) Letter to the one starting a new phase of their life
2) Letter to all the single girls

Peek into my life:

A narcissistic section. ;D
Yeah, I’m kidding. Still, it’ll be only about what’s going on in my life. Some things that I would love to share with all of you.

Know me better:

The mandatory About section.