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About the life of and through the eyes of a twenty something, you can find articles related to growing up, college, travel, fictional stories, poems, stories from personal experiences, thoughts I want to share, etc. 

Basically, just anything that comes to my mind and that you would enjoy reading. 

This is a twenty something year old talking to you. And inviting you to have a glimpse of her life. (You can read more about me here)

Below are my most favorite posts which I’m sure you would love to read.

  • Dive in deep into the pool of creativity.

    Something just like this, to do do to do doo… (Yes, that addictive song)

    I looked back and thought about what things did I create or used my original ideas in. And honestly there were some. But some, not many.

    There was one that I like and remember is a collage sort of thing. I collected small leaves and pasted them on a white sheet in such a way that it felt it was raining leaves. That’s not enough, I colored the leaves using crayons . I guess I used multiple colors on a single leaf.

    When I think about it now I can’t understand how such ideas came into my mind. I cannot help thinking what could I be doing right now if I had continued doing these stuffs. Continued letting these ideas come to my mind.

    Somewhere along, it stopped completely. When I thought of cleaning my cupboard I was in India last time, I found many small useless things that the younger me would have thought useful in a creative way. Read more

family-pier-man-woman-39691While we acknowledge that life does not come with a manual, we believe that we need a certain set of ingredients to live well. If we miss any of these things, we think that we won’t be able to live a good life.

We believe that we need a partner to live well. We need money. We need friends, family, good health, time to live well. Often times it is the social aspect associated with each of the factors that is more important to us. We need a good reputation to live well. We need all these things to have a good social reputation. Because with all these things, we can be called successful. And success is the only way to live a good life, we think. Read more.

  • Inside the mind of an introvert. Scene: the wedding.

    pexels-photo-169190Today I went for a wedding. A small Indian wedding. It was about to start. The groom’s baarat hadn’t reached yet. There a lady started talking to me. She was asking about my education in China. This is something I am asked a lot when in India. I reply as if I am reciting a poem I learned by heart.

    This time it wasn’t different. But the lady was interested in talking a lot more. She started saying things like “the bride looks so little, she must be very young.” And then she enquired about my bhabhi (cousin’s wife) who is deaf and dumb, because she saw us communicating by sign language. I answered her every question Read more

  • For the people who believe in you

    I started writing poems when I was in 4th grade, in English. My mom was very proud of me and always encouraged me. Honestly, it was the worst poem I had written. It didn’t rhyme. Probably didn’t mean anything to an adult. But her words and the way she told neighbours and relatives about it. That made me feel as if I had done such an important job.

    And that was when I started taking it seriously. I really thought I am a great writer. I borrowed a diary from my dad, the one which he got from his bank. Read more

  • Present: a short poem

    pexels-photo-784140The lives are tangled,

    all we seek is a mere illusion.

    A painter with a blank canvas,

    seeks happiness yet paints struggle.

    A little one passes by the picture, 

    not once deciphering what it means. Read more

  • When is the time to stop and smell the roses?

There’s someone sharing their happiness,
there’s a little relief.
There’s someone who needs your help,
there too can be a relief.
Your eyes behold the glimpses of the tunnel you dreadfully passed.
Your mind is occupied.
After all, how not to wonder what tomorrow will bring?
There’s a little happiness.
But you would have to wait.
Would you?  Read more

  • Childhood Memories: a friendship story

    pexels-photo-688675“How are you?” my phone beeped and I saw the text. It was from Rachael, my high school best friend. I was busy prepping up for a meeting so I decided to text her later. After about two hours when I was done with the meeting, I texted her back. “Hey, I’m great! What’s up with you?”  “I’m fine. Just busy with work. You didn’t tell me that you’re back in town” Ironically, I got an instant reply. “Yeah. I’m busy with work too. Just got done with a meeting. Why not meet this weekend?” Read more.

  • How my Spiritual beliefs changed as I grew up

    That’s definitely not my picture ;D

    I remember the first time I came to know what religion is or which religion do I belong to. My father worked at The Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai. And we lived in the RBI Colony where at least one person from each family worked in the RBI. So we were all connected in that sense. I had three friends in that Colony. One was of my age (Sanjana), one a year older (Andrea) and one about three years older than me (Rachana). Of course I don’t remember the real names. But let’s go on. Read more.

    • Wishes and Waves

      pexels-photo-533857She listened to the soothing sound of the arriving waves,

      cold winds blew,

      reminding her to be brave.

      But she was just a girl

      who still played and drew.


      With closed eyes,

      she wished for a hundred things. Read more

  • 20 minutes of Sunshine

    “Not chasing the darkness,

    making it’s way and filling the hollowness,

    the sunshine needs no fight.

    Because the darkness is nothing but lack of the light. Read more.

  • Entering the twenties

fullsizeoutput_c82When I was 18, I always replied with a big smile whenever someone asked me about my age. Being 18 is cool. You are the youngest of the adults. Best of both worlds! I have always been a big dreamer (confession: and less of a doer). I knew I’ll be 18 only once, and I wanted to make the best of it. I wanted to learn something new. Or maybe overcome some of my biggest fears. I wanted to travel. And what I actually did in the 19th year of  my life? Somehow cleared the first year of med school. Read more